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      Miles DavisKind Of Blue

      Label:Analogue Productions – UHQR 0004, Analogue Productions – AUHQR 0004, Columbia – CS 8163, Sony Music Commercial Music Group – 19075978621
      Series:UHQR by Analogue Productions – UHQR 0004
      Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Repress, Stereo, 200g, Clear


      A1So What
      A2Freddie Freeloader
      A3Blue In Green
      B1All Blues
      B2Flamenco Sketches

      Companies, etc.



      Handmade limited run reissue.
      Pressed 33 1/3 RPM LP, limited to 25,000 numbered copies.
      Housed in a full-colour, tip-on, stoughton, gatefold jacket jacket inside a textured slip-case w/ leatherette dowell featuring gold-foil stamp numbering.
      Mastered directly from the original 3-Track master tapes by Bernie Grundman.
      Pressed using Clarity Vinyl? on a manual Finebilt press.

      * A minor audio complication with Kind of Blue has been addressed with this UHQR edition. The motor on the studio's 3-track master recorder was running slowly the day of the album's first session. This speed issue affected the album's first three tracks, "So What," "Freddie Freeloader" and "Blue in Green," making them a barely perceptible quarter-tone sharp.This issue was finally addressed with the Classic Records reissue in 1995. This UHQR was pressed from the same parts that Bernie Grundman cut directly from the original 3-track masters for Classic in '95.

      Julian Adderly, courtesy of Riverside Records.
      Wyn Kelly, courtesy of Riverside Records.

      Barcode and Other Identifiers

      • Barcode (Text, sticker): 7 53088 40001 8
      • Barcode (Scanned, sticker): 753088400018
      • Matrix / Runout (Side A label): 19075978621A
      • Matrix / Runout (Side B label): 19075978621B
      • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout): CS 8163-C BG UHQR-0004 A
      • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout): CS 8163-B BG 08 T UHQR-0004 B

      Other Versions (5 of 445)View All

      Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
      Kind Of Blue (LP, Album, Stereo)ColumbiaCS 8163US1959
      Kind Of Blue (LP, Album, Mono)ColumbiaCL 1355US1959
      Kind Of Blue (LP, Album, Mono, Promo)ColumbiaCL 1355US1959
      Kind Of Blue (LP, Album, Mono)Coronet (2), Coronet (2), Coronet (2)KLP893, KLP-893, KLP - 893Australia1959
      Kind Of Blue (LP, Album, Misprint, Mono)ColumbiaCL 1355Canada1959
      wyckid1's profile picture
      On my 3rd copy from AP. The first had nasty pops throughout, A3 was the worst. My number was 2710. It was replaced, and the replacement copy was great, maybe one or 2 light pops, but it had a pressing error. A loud distortion on A1 or A2. I just received the 3rd copy, and it not near as bad as the first copy, but a number of light pops throughout, especially A3. Get the Mofi pressing. The mastering is a little better on the AP, but the sound quality of the Mofi is flawless.
      ERGLOO's profile picture
      Rec'd on 15/11/21, absolutely flat, totally silent, amazingly low noise floor. # 11793
      Beatboys24-7's profile picture
      I received my copy a couple of days ago. I wet cleaned it using high quality enzyme cleaners and pure distilled water rinses. Played it. Heard the crackles and pops and thought oh boy, another stinker from
      Acoustic Sounds. I ended up cleaning it four more times before the crackles mostly disappeared and I decided I could enjoy it. Yeah, I know. It’s a flawed media so deal with it, right?
      After a few more spins on the turntable, the noise subsided a bit more. But why did I have to spend a couple of hours prepping a brand new disk I paid a hundred dollars for? This gets tiresome and very irritating. I’ve been buying records since the early sixties and between the overall lack of quality control in today’s new pressings and the over grading by sellers of used records on line, I’m becoming more cynical about the fawning over this release and that release and the integrity of sellers online, no matter which forum I’m using. I have records I bought 50 years ago that are flawless to this day and I’ve played them hundreds of times. So, what’s the problem here? Quality control at all levels.
      It’s as if I hear Clint Eastwood every time I buy a record: “Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?”
      If I’m going to have to pay $30 dollars and up for new vinyl, I dam well better get a pressing that uses the highest quality substrate and metal. Pretty dismal.
      dionisofun's profile picture
      Edited 23 days ago
      Huge disappointment. My two copies came from two different batches and both were full of crackles and a lot of distortion in the last tracks (especially in Blues Green). It's been a long time since I've heard such a noisy pressing, which leads me to question all the hype surrounding this version. I must say the two LP's were very well cleaned (twice) and went through a third ultrasound wash.

      In terms of quality I consider the 45rpm Mobily Fidelity's pressing quite superior, with more refined and dynamic. It also has less distortion on the later tracks, especially in Blues in Green. And just as important: it has never cracked over the years.

      What you see in this pressing - the complaints are recurrent - is a genre of defect typical of low quality material: crackles, pops and crackles.

      Complaints have been constant since the beginning , so it doesn't seem like an isolated problem to a few units.

      HomerCartman's profile picture
      Ordered my copy October 8, received #12528 October 26/21. No issues at all with the pressing, simply glorious! While my pressing shows that they are now in the second half of the production run, AS still has it available for pre-order. Based on my turnaround time, don't pay a premium to anyone but get on it sooner than later!
      Boomboxx's profile picture
      Edited 16 days ago
      I received my copy, is in the 11,000 range, and I have some really bad distortion and a few clicks at the end of A3. Acoustic sounds is sending a replacement, but I first must destroy my current disc and send pictures as evidence. Never had to do this before, but makes total sense. With that said and issue aside, if I receive a perfect copy, this will blow my mofi edition out of the water. My 2014 mofi discs sound bloated and almost digital to me compared to this copy. I never even noticed the boomy bass until I played this one. Not sure I'll ever play my mofi again, especially since I dont have to change discs and flip twice as much.

      Update: My replacement was sent within a week, but it has the same issues as my first copy. I highly warn everyone in this numbered range to check their A3 at the end of the song, really bad distortion and pops for the last 20 seconds or so.

      Update: Third copy has the same issue. Cleaned this one 4 times like some of the above and a little better I guess. I can live with it, but at $100, it should be perfect. I have records that cost $18 new that have fewer crackles on first listen. Also, just to be clear, this is only an issue on the last 30 seconds of 'Blue In Green'. Rest of the disc sounds phenomenal.
      gleebi's profile picture
      Edited one month ago
      A fitting treatment for the "best-selling-jazz-album-ever." The outer sleeve (not the leatherette case) is great, and comes with excellent polybag and static free inner sleeve. This sets nicely among my other 20+ Miles releases and the outer case on display with other boxed-sets (like Sinatra, Oscar P., Tom Petty, etc.) so best of both words. Vinyl itself is stunning cloudy-white clear, and looks super cool spinning on my RP3. I think the sound stage, and subtle bass bottom throughout this pressing are what was intended, delivering both an intimate and epic experience simultaneously. This limited release, with its premium packaging and engineering care will sure to become a collectors item as Father Time marches on...
      aarno's profile picture
      My copy 10059 is perfect. I bought a second copy to keep as a backup/ sealed collectable. I have never seen a record and it’s related collateral so meticulously crafted. Most importantly, the sound quality is unlike any other audiophile pressing of KOB I have heard before. I have the MFSL two-disks on 45 and while very good, is not as pure as this version. My MFSL copy is very noisy and I’m not even taking that into account when I say the Analogue Productions version is better. The UHQR vinyl from Analogue Productions is super quiet to the point where the usual distractions/charm of vinyl artifacts are nonexistent. Kudos to AR; they really hit the ball out of the park on this one!
      lagoskid's profile picture
      I have this, the MSFL 45 rpm, and SACD. I prefer both the MSFL copies to this; yes the AP record has higher fidelity and better frequency separation and tighter bass.The bass on the AP is more punchy while the the MSFL is more round (I actually prefer its slightly bloated bass). There is a greater sense of intimacy and emotional engagement in the MSFL, and more of the studio ambience comes across from the recording.

      Speaking of emotional engagement; with the MSFL copy, I always get very emotional when Blue in Green comes on (I'm transported to my childhood, and I think of my deceased parents etc.); with the AP copy, I simply listen to the song and nothing happens. The best analogy is that the MSFL sounds like its being played through a vintage system and the AP is on a more modern higher resolution system.

      Where the AP has the MSFL completely smoked is the packaging and the fact that it is 33 rpm; I appreciate the AP having an actual record jacket so the box is not necessary for storage. The MSFL box is cheap and worse yet cumbersome. It could be that I have gotten so used to the sound of MSFL that my brain is just geared for its sonic character, I suspect that if I owned the AP first, I would have liked it more because of its superior fidelity. I'm going to keep both versions because they are both good and of heirloom quality but MSFL will continue to be my go to copy.
      deekydoo's profile picture
      Received my copy (#10009) a few days ago after preordering it in mid-June. The packaging was a bit intimidating, trying to figure out the best way to cut the shrink and salvage it at the same time. Carefully sliced down both sides of the rounded end, that’s what you pull out to access everything.

      After a good wet cleaning, anxiously dropped the needle and was completely blown away. If you were just hearing this record for the first time, you’d think it was fairly new, not a recording from 1959. Simply stunning, dead quiet playback, with detailed and separated instruments beyond belief. Well worth the $100 purchase price from Acoustic Sounds, if not a bargain.

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